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TaxSlayer and 1040 Overview

Chris Test January 14, 2021


The IRS has a contract with TaxSlayer to provide taxsoftware to VITA sites. You can access three main portals on the VITA TaxSlayer homepage, vita.taxslayerpro.com

  • Practice Lab: The practice lab allows you to explore the tax software, create practice returns, and complete the returns provided in the IRS Certification Test. It’s a great place to practice all aspects of the tax preparation process.
  • Pro Online: Pro Online is the full version of the tax preparation software. You should only use Pro Online when preparing returns for clients. Volunteers will receive access to the full software upon completing the certification exams.
  • VITA/TCE Blog: TaxSlayer is always making updates to the tax software and may occasionally experience unexpected outages. I recommend checking the VITA blog for any updates before beginning a volunteer shift.

For our training, we will use the Practice Lab to complete practice returns. You can create an account by visiting vita.taxslayerpro.com, then clicking practice lab. You will then be prompted to input a password, which will be TRAINPROWEB. You will enter in this password each time you log into the Practice Lab. Then, you will create your own personal username and password by clicking the “Create Account,” button. Be sure to record or remember your username and password in case you need to log back in at any time!

1040 Overview

Everything we complete in TaxSlayer is recorded on the FORM 1040. The FORM 1040 is a summary of the taxpayer’s yearly income, taxes owed, and taxes paid.