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Parts of the I/I Form–Income, Expenses, and Life Events

Christopher Murphree September 9, 2020

Parts III-V: Form Layout

You’ll notice that clients have the option to mark Yes, No, or Unsure for the many items in these sections. When reviewing what the taxpayer has completed, we should take care to ensure that all items have a response.

Similarly, if a taxpayer marks unsure for an item, we should change it to “Yes” or “No,” once we have determined the appropriate response.

Each item also has a certification level next to it–this helps us ensure that we only prepare items for which we are certified!

  • B= Basic Certification Level
  • A= Advanced Certification Level
  • M=Military Certification
  • HSA= Health Savings Accounts

Certification Issues Not on the Intake Form

Although there are only four certification levels listed on the intake form, you may encounter a situation where the client has a tax item not indicated on the return. This can occur when a special certification. For example, if a client is an international student at a local university, you may need to speak with a site coordinator and assign the return to someone with the Foreign Student Scholar certification.

Clients may also have a tax issue that is Out of Scope for the VITA program. These scope issues may or may not be related to another item on the intake form. You may have a client who is self-employed who depreciates the assets of their supplies. This is out of scope for the program, but you may not be able to tell immediately.

You’ll become more familiar with these issues the more you volunteer at a site. Always be sure to reference the Pub 4012 if there is a specific entry you are unsure about. Don’t be too concerned if you miss a scope issue–our experienced volunteers and site coordinators will be available to help you through the process!

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